Giatex is out to change the way that we think about folding bicycles. That’s because the Giatex bicycle is not a folding bicycle but rather a stretching bicycle.  For the last 90 years, most folding bicycles were designed the same way – at some point, compromise the strength/integrity of the frame by cutting it in two and rejoining it with an expensive hinge. The Giatex frame, on the other hand, telescopes inwards and outwards with no hinges required improving the versatility and rigidity of the frame at a fraction of the cost. At Giatex, we think that it’s time to move away from folding bicycle technology nearly a century old and start the new millennium with fresh thinking and a better design.

Giatex bike don't fold but more rigid and stable.

Why ride Giatex?

* GIATEX featuressafety, high performance & easy storage

* Innovative space saving design.

* Lightweight and portable.

* Easily adjusted in 10 seconds.

* Stores in car , caraven, boat, aircraft, bus , apartment etc..

* one size fits all kinds of group (adults and children).

* Cost effective commuting.

* a fun in family holiday cycling.

* Portable health and fitness.

* Low frame height.

* Low maintenance.

* air pump, rain coat or bike repair kit could be put inside the stretching crossbar.

* Sizes available are 14” 16” 20” 24” 26”&700C


Giatex Story

Anyone with kids will already know how you forever need to purchase bigger sizes of clothes, shoes and even bicycles as your child grows.  Maybe you have wished for something that could grow along with the kids, a factor increasingly important in these times of economic stress. A new concept, riding a bicycle just likes wearing a pair of shoes, wearing a pair of suitable shoes can make our walking effortless, light and quick, but with unfitted shoes which will let us get footworn and feel very uncomfortable.  In fact, everyone’s height, arms and upper body length are different, so is one’s riding posture on the variety mode of cycling, therefore, it is very important for us to pick up one bike that can fit our body and different riding demand because the unsuitable geometric frameset might easily make the rider tired and get injured.

It was exactly this wish that inspired us to create our series of Giatex Stretching Bikes, designed to accommodate all sizes of family members from small children to adults.  With increased development and refinements over the years, we have finally come up with our new Giatex FIT series of bikes.


Unlike the traditional bike frameset, the adjustable Giatex FIT patented stretching frameset allows the rider to experience multiple different riding modes in seconds, by effortlessly changing the height, length and angle geometrics of the frame.  With the Giatex FIT, in just one bike you can expect the same range of functionality as you can only get from several other bikes, such as MTB, CONFORT BIKE, CITY BIKE, TREKKING BIKE and RACING bikes. Moreover, Giatex FIT has passed EU ISO 4210-6 safety standard.


As you will discover, we have designed our bikes with mindfulness, always putting safety, comfort and flexibility as our top priorities, and we are sincerely proud of what we have created.

Giatex Cycle Co., Ltd. Taiwan

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Giatex are high performance portable bikes with ultra safety for commuter, fitting your life style.