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If the rider is heavier the gravity applied to the stretching crossbar became larger, thereby act as a force preventing structure from walbling..

Giatex uses its patented Stretching Frame Technology to provide higher stability and riding comfort than many other folding bicycles on the market. This award winning technology allows the front section of the frame to slide through the rear frame when the bike needs to be compacted for storage or travel. This brings the front wheel closer to the rear wheel. Because the frame tubes aren't cut in half and then joined by a hinge like many other folding bikes it means the Giatex frame provides a very stable and sturdy ride. The stretching system developed by Giatex is the first of its kind in the world.

 Giatex Stretching Frame Technology, means that children and adults or from 150cm to 200cm height are able to be fitted to ride the same GIATEX bike, Easily adjusted in seconds without tools. when expanded, you enjoy a full-size bicycle ride. Giatex stretches to fit the size of the rider for the ultimate in riding comfort. Its sporty good looks and unique design will be sure to turn heads wherever you ride.


Compact Wheels

The lower rotating mass of the small wheels, compared to conventional bikes, facilitates faster acceleration. The shorter spokes on the smaller wheels make them stiffer and stronger than larger wheels. The center of gravity of the bike is lowered also, resulting in superior stability. Smaller wheels also reduce the overall length of the bicycle, making it more compact, lighter and easier to transport.


Adjustable Handlebars

Different riders will require different riding positions. Some may want their handlebars higher for easy cruising and less strain on their back, shoulders and neck while others may want them lower for a more aerodynamic position over longer rides or even lower when adjusted for children. All Giatex bicycles feature handlebars that can be quickly and easily adjusted to a riders desired height in seconds with no tools required. It's just a matter of releasing the Quick Release, setting the bars to the desired height and resecuring the Q/R.



Giatex bikes are fitted front and rear with V-Brakes for the ultimate in modern stopping power. These brakes are easily serviced and consumables such as brake pads are available from all bicycle shops.



Giatex bicycles are fitted with a comfortable, well padded waterproof saddle.


Long Seat Post

Just because a Giatex bicycle can be compressed into a small, portable size, it doesn't mean that it can't handle riders over 6 feet tall. Giatex seat posts can be extended in seconds to accommodate even the tallest of riders, up to 6'4". Just as easily, the seat post can be lowered to accommodate shorter riders and children.


Easy to Service

While Giatex has a unique frame design, we are also aware that with extended use your Giatex bicycle (or any bicycle) will need periodic service and replacement of worn parts. With that in mind, we designed the Giatex bicycles so that most parts are standard in the bicycle industry and can be replaced with off the shelf items carried by your local bicycle dealer, because all the parts are compatible on GIATEX bikes.

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Giatex are high performance portable bikes with ultra safety for commuter, fitting your life style.