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The Benefits Of Stretching Bicycles

Easy to ride. Easy to store. Easy to transport.
Fits adults and kids.
Bicycling offers a joyous, exhilarating freedom & satisfaction that can be shared with your family and friends or savored alone. There's a sense of direct participation, strength and pride simply gliding along on a bike.
Giatex stretching bikes are easy to ride.
Our bike's unique frame makes it simple to get on or off the bicycle. The hybrid tires, rain fenders and lower gearing lets you ride more comfortably under a wider range of conditions.
Giatex stretching bikes are easy to store.
Our bike goes from full-size to pint size in 10 seconds. Simply flip open 3 quick release levers, retract the stainless horizontal frame member, slide the seatpost down and the bike now measures 27" high by 39" long by 11" wide, allowing it to easily fit into a standard car trunk, closet, carry bag or even a suitcase. While thieves and vandals roam the streets looking for easy targets, your bike is stored safely out of sight.
Giatex bikes are easy to transport.
Placing the Giatex inside a bag or a suitcase makes it completely acceptable to take your bike on just about any bus, train or subway. Unlike other folding bikes, the Giatex also rolls normally when folded, making it easy to move in confined places such as office corridors, elevators or hallways in your home, apartment or dorm.
Giatex bikes fit kids or adults.
Due to the Giatex's patented retracting or stretching frame, our folding bike is unique among folders in that the space between the front and rear wheels adjusts to the size of the rider. Naturally, both seat and handlebar height are completely adjustable too. As a result, adults and children can ride the same bike equally, a major & practical advantage for families with limited storage space.
Reclaim life's simple pleasures.
Delight in experiencing again the beauty of your natural environs.
Inhale the smells of wildflowers and backyard barbecues.
Feel the cool morning mist upon your face.
Renew your spirit.
Delight in the peace and silence of locomotion without motors.
Savor quiet wildlife encounters impossible raveling by car.
Enjoy the glorious sight of gorgeous, dramatic sunsets.
Less Pollution
Autos are the single largest source of air pollution in the USA. An average four-mile round-trip bike commute prevents nearly 15 pounds of auto air pollution from contaminating your air (that's 3.6 pounds of auto pollutants per mile).
The Giatex folding bike fits your lifestyle.
It's Sporty. It's PORTable. It's S*PORTABLE!

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Giatex are high performance portable bikes with ultra safety for commuter, fitting your life style.