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It’s safe, If the rider’s body is heavier, the frame of the bike became more steady because the gravity applied to the joint on the frame.

it’s high performance, Giatex frame always is solid and hard , no energy loss when riding.

it’s easy storage, even a small car like Smart can fit 2 Giatex 26” big bikes.

FULL SIZE TO PORTABLE IN SECONDS: Storage space a problem? Portability an issue? Giatex is your answer! You can compress a Giatex bicycle into a portable size in seconds. Flip the frame latches and the frame pushes in. Flip another latch and the handlebar swings down, lower the seat and fold in the pedals and you’re done! When you fold/collapse a Giatex bicycle, you do not need to disassemble any tires, brakes or fenders unlike some other brands of folding bicycles. Giatex compresses and expands easily, cleanly and quickly. Very quickly (in about 10 seconds) and best of all – no tools required!

Riding Comfort: Forget all of the stories about small wheels and wobbly handling, hard work and unusable low gears. Giatex bicycles are more maneuverable than traditional bicycles; they're lighter and they offer a low step-thru frame (no high cross bar to negotiate when mounting and dismounting the bicycle). Giatex bicycles can be adjusted in variety of ways to provide a custom fit ride.

Great Flexibility: Portability is what Giatex is really about. Whether you need the portability for your commute by rail, bus, subway, or air or you need a bicycle to conveniently fit into the trunk of your car, RV or boat, or where storage is a problem (condo/apartment dwellers), Giatex bicycles are right for you. For car and RV owners, say goodbye to roof racks and the associated hassles – dirt, damage, theft, vandalism, time and effort. And, with its rugged good looks and comfortable ride, Giatex turns portability into sportability!

Compactness: Giatex bicycles fold down to a size that is convenient for portability and storage. For example, the Giatex Sport 500 series (16” wheel) folds to 27” x 39” x 10” and weighs only 28 lbs. Giatex bicycles are ideal for use with mass transit or with RVs and boats and can fit into the trunk of almost any car. As well, the compact Giatex is also elevator, stairs and hallway friendly.

Easy Storage. Giatex is storage friendly too. Giatex bicycles can be easily stored in a closet, under the bed, in the office, storage room, RV storage bin, car trunk, corner of an apartment living room or balcony or just about anywhere. You can even leave it in the trunk of your car – and use it when it’s convenient. It can even double as an emergency transportation too should your car break down or run out of gas.

One Size fits All: Giatex bicycles stretch to fit the size of the rider. The frame length, seat height and handlebar height are all adjustable to ensure that the rider has a custom fit for the ultimate in riding comfort. One size is suitable for the whole family with a few, quick adjustments. Stretching also means that Giatex bicycles can grow along with your kids. And Giatex’s unique design also means that mounting and dismounting is effortless because there is no high horizontal bar to negotiate.

Sportability: Functionality and portability are not the only features of Giatex bicycles. Giatex also has sporty good looks that will turn heads wherever you ride. And wait until they see you collapse your Giatex in seconds and carry it away. It’s not just portable, it’s Sportable.

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Giatex are high performance portable bikes with ultra safety for commuter, fitting your life style.