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Stretching Is Better

Stretching is better because the frame length can be adjusted (stretched) to the rider’s desired length for the ultimate in riding comfort. This flexibility also allows just about anyone to share the same bicycle - husband, wife, friend or even a child. In fact, for children, stretching means that the bicycle can grow along with them.

Stretching is better because the strength/integrity of the frame isn’t compromised. Your typical folding bicycle requires an expensive hinging system to keep both of the frame pieces together. At Giatex, we don’t think that this leads to a sturdy ride. Conversely, Giatex’s stretching bicycle frame provides a solid ride because the frame is not hinged together but rather one continuous piece. And, our unique design uses a combination of a grooved sliding tube and a multi-clamping system to ensure a solid ride.

Stretching is better because the Giatex bicycle typically costs way less than your average folder. The ingenious part of the Giatex design is that not only do you get an adjustable frame that provides a solid ride, but because there is no expensive hinging system required, the Giatex will sell for hundreds of dollars less than its comparable rival. In fact, the Giatex doesn’t really have any rivals at all because it is the world’s only stretching bicycle.

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